Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk)  1.8.0.Beta
Breast Cancer: Breast Segmentation

This application uses LIBRA [1] to extract the breast region in the loaded image and is only availabe via the GUI (the Breast Texture Pipeline can be used to generate a mask and perform radiomic analysis via the command line).


  • Raw (i.e., "FOR PROCESSING") or vendor post-processed (i.e., "FOR PRESENTATION") FFDM images.
  • FFDM vendors currently supported: GE Healthcare and Hologic.
  • Each image stored in a separate folder.


  1. Load the FFDM image using the 'File -> Load -> Images' menu option.
  2. Launch LIBRA using the 'Applications -> Breast Segmentation' menu option.
  3. Output is loaded automatically.


  1. B.M.Keller, D.L.Nathan, Y.Wang, Y.Zheng, J.C.Gee, E.F.Conant, D.Kontos, "Estimation of breast percent density in raw and processed full field digital mammography images via adaptive fuzzy c-means clustering and support vector machine segmentation", Med Phys. 39(8):4903-4917, 2012, DOI:10.1118/1.4736530