Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk)  1.9.0
Installation Instructions


  • Download the ".msi" installer file and double click to open.
  • On Windows 10, sometimes, Microsoft Edge does not let you download installers from unknown sources for security purposes (the warning comes up after the download finishes); you will need to select "Keep File" and follow prompts.
  • If a security prompt comes up after opening the installer, click on "Run Anyway".
  • Follow prompts for installation.


  • Linux users have a CaPTk AppImage available called CaPTk_${Version}.bin.
  • To run the AppImage, first open a terminal in the same directory as the .bin file.
  • You will want to make sure it is runnable as an executable with the following command:
    chmod +x CaPTk_${Version}.bin
  • To install CaPTk to the current directory where the AppImage was downloaded, run the following command:
  • To specify a preferred directory to install CaPTk, run the following command:
    ./CaPTk_${Version}.bin --target {path_to_preferred_directory}
  • Follow prompts to install.


For CaPTk Versions prior to 1.9.0:

  • Users will download the ".pkg" file from NITRC; double-click the file.
  • If there is a window saying that this is an "unidentified developer", hit "OK" and then go to "System Preferences > Security and Privacy" and you need to click on "Open Anyway" beside the "CaPTk_$version.pkg" (this will prompt for your password).
  • Double click on the pkg file and click on "Open". This will guide you through the installation screen with licensing information.
  • Before installation begins, you may be prompted for your password again.
  • You will find CaPTk under your "Applications" folder and you can delete the disk image.

For CaPTk versions 1.9.0 and greater:

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